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Nowadays, Internet palys a very important role in our life. Daily, all of us serach at the Internet for different things, but have you ever thought how secure these websites are? No one is comfortable in sharing his personal and banking details with these websites.

And why should someone be, you can never trust anyone whom you have never seen or met personally and you just know them from their online store. For this reason SSL certificates have been created, which are provided from different Authorities worldwide. The importance of SSL certificates you can find at our article.

 Why it is important to have an SSL certificate on your website?

  Firstly, with the implementation of the new law about the security of personal data, with the SSL certificate you secure the data, which are inserted from your visitors on your website. More information about the GDPR regulation you can find at our article.

  Websites without SSL certificates, will be classified as "Not secure" after the Google's announcements about what will happen at websites with the new version of Google Chrome 68 in July 2018. More information about this announcement you can find at our article.

  Do you have any contact form at your website? Does it follows the GDPR regulation?
If your website has a contact form, with which you may ask from the visitors to write some personal data (like their email), the sent and the store of this information should be done with encryption. Encryption at websites protects all visitors from malicious actions and at the same momment their data are secured. Through this way the website with SSL certificate is more reliable than others websites and this website make people be more comfortable in sharing their data.

  Do you have an online store at your website? Do you sent your customers data with encryption?
Nowadays, more and more people buy via the Internet and the million online stores. If you sell products or services in your website, you must secure it with some SSL certificate in order to make your customers feels secure about their personal and credit data. With the digital encryption your website provide more confidence about how secure the data will be sent and makes the website owner to be sure about their use. The SSL certificate, also certifies that the information the customers import remains safe without being able to be misused by malicious actions. provides the most reliable digital certificates of encryption and the most powerful trust seals for your website, in order to make your website more reliable at your customers and visitors and at the same time these certificates secure their personal and banking data from other malicious actions.

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