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The foundation of online security is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). These security protocols are the most important on the Internet. Its goal is to ensure secure communication between the server and the visitor of each website.

The variety of SSL certificates is enormous, they strat from a low authentication and end up to a higher one. There are many certificate authorities (CAs), others are well-known and others not. Both cheap and free certificates can be used, but they do not provide additional benefits, such as warranty. There is also rare support for them, if you need anything that will cost you some money to implement it. Below we will see the basic differences of each SSL certificate as well as the reliability that it provides to your website visitors.

 The security of your website is very crusial 

 Domain Validation (DV)
The lowest form of SSL certification is a SSL domain validation certification. The certification made on a DV certification is the email and perhaps the name of the website owner. The low validation format provided by this certificate makes it easy for hackers to create a phishing website with some spelling errors in the domain name and through this way the website appears legal and secure. This is because this particular certificate provides the security padlock and the https in the address bar. In this way they can deceive visitors by extracting personal data.

 Organization Validation (OV)
The next form of SSL certification is a SSL organization validation certification. Obtaining an OV certification is more difficult than a DV SSL certification. The reason for this is because the authorities request certificates from each company about its legality and existence before issuing it. This tye of certificate not only certifies the owner of the page, but also the company or organization he owns. An OV SSL certification offers confidence to visitors of your website, let alone an online website.

 Extended Validation (EV)
Maximum reliability is provided by the extended validation certification. This is because the domain name owner will have to go through a detailed and rigorous check in order to obtain this certificate. This specific SSL is suitable for websites owned by private organizations, goverments, and businesses. When a website has enabled an EV SSL, a green bar appears in the url, differentiating it from those with DV or OV SSL. It is not necessary the level of authentication of this SSL certificate to be on whole website (e.g. on a bank's website this SSL certificate does not have to be on all pages but it is very important to be in the e-banking section). This specific certificate is the most reliable.

The power of an SSL encryption depends on the length of the key, which is measured in bits. The smallest a key the more vulnerable the website is to a hacker. Thus, the issuing authorities no longer use 512-bit but 2048-bit keys.

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