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Our daily life is constantly fast, so our demands grow faster too. When we want to find something, our first thought is the internet. When a website is slow we will leave it and we will go to the next one in order to find the fastest.

In a previous article we reported what HTTP/2 is and what is the differences between HTTP/1.1. Below we will analyze the conditions that need to be available in order to have the HTTP/2 speed.

 Your website must have an SSL certificate.
 The server that hosts your site must support HTTP/2 and ALPN.
 The browser must support HTTP/2.

Let's look in detail what we mean above.

What we mean exactly by having installed an SSL certificate on a website? We can recognize when a website has an SSL certificate if its url has a security padlock or green bar and the letter "s" in http. In order to get HTTP/2 speed, the SSL certificate must be installed at your whole website and not just at one page, for example in the shopping cart if it concers an online shop.

Why sould the server support HTTP/2 and ALPN? ALPN (Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation) is an extension of the TLS. This is the protocol that allows an application to choose which protocol should run through a secure connection in order to the website is loaded immediately and quickly. ALPN is necessary for HTTP/2 because it improves the compression of your website and thus reduces the load latency of your site.

Last but not least, in order to achieve the speed of HTTP/2 in addition to above, the browser that we use should support HTTP/2. You can see the versions of browsers that support it here.

HTTP/2 offers many performance benefits. In addition to website security, that it offers, it also provides a better rank at search engines. Surveys show that the upload speed of optimized and HTTP/2 websites is 50% up to 70% higher than those that go through HTTP/1.1. All browsers (Chrome, Mozzila, etc) support HTTP/2 only through HTTPS.

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