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Sending and receiving email is a frequent way of exchanging information in our everyday life. Using emails is an easy and fast way to send and receive files, so we need to use a handy application. Below we will see the most popular webmail applications.

All of us use and app to send email, this can be an application that we have on our desktop or webmail. Webmail is more usable as we can control our email from any browser. Below we will analyze two of the webmail applications provided by

Horde company is an open source software development community responsible for creating countless apps and software systems. One group is engaged with the development of PHP tools that are valuable to small businesses up to the level of large businesses. Focusing on enterprise tools this group has created a fairly popular webmail application as well as a suite of complementary widget that do everything from managing calendars, notes and addresses at standard filtering, message labeling and search function.

Roundcube can be considered one of the top webmail applications. A fairly large number of users use Roundcube as the primary app for sending and receiving their email. Roundcube does not have so many additional features like Horde but is very easy to use. It provides the search ability, the ability to mark an email as important, organize emails which make it ectremely simple to use and manage incoming(and outgoing) email.

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