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Over the past few years, hundreds of new tlds have been created and registrated. But which of these new tlds are most popular? This will be seen from the number of those that were registrated in the first semester of the 2018.

Moreover, something very important, apart from the number of registered domain names with each TLDs, is also the way they are used by each company. Some of these are used to promote the site at another url, such as social media. Creating different domain names that are redirecting to the home page of a company or organization in order to have better SEO for their website.

Below we will analyze some of the most popular TLDs registered in the first semester of 2018.

 .top – 2,400,000+ registrations
A successful TLD is .top, as there have been several registrations. The reason why this gTLD has become so popular is because it is suitable for all companies or organizations looking for a domain name in order to promote their products. Why is this happenning? Because it is appropriate to give a directness to the projected subject of the website you own. Moreover, this word is known worldwide and everyone know its meaning.

 .xyz – 2,100,000+ registrations
The .xyz TLD is a pretty good choice for domain name registration for everyone looking for a remarkable and general gTLD. According to the .xyz registry, the goals of this gTLD are to maintain a range of valuable cross-domain names, to provide its abusers with an economical and cost-effective way of creating a vital internet presence and allowing everyone to register domain names which are suitable for their company or organization.

 .club – 1,200,000+ registrations
A successful TLD is .club, as several registrations have been made. This tld is suitable for many who are looking for a domain name, and this is the reason why this tld has become so popular. Why is this happening? Because it is suitable for sports tournaments, organizations and fan club.

 .vip – 800,000+ registrations
This domain name TLD has become quite popular in the first quarte of 2018 because it is a top level domain name that expresses the excluse offer of services, products and information. This gTLD is ideal for companies that speacialied in providing VIP services.

 .online – 700,000+ registrations
A fairly popular tld as it is related to companies that have a physical store and want to show their store on the internet. Most of its registrars use this type of TLD in order to redirect their visitors at their company official website.

You can see the most popular tlds of the first semester in 2018 by clicking here.

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