Your Internet Ally

Official Registrar .gr, .ελ, .eu, .ευ, after the approval of Ε.Ε.Τ.Τ. (43597/19-10-10), is an Official Registrar and Administrator of .gr and .ελ and after the approbal of EurID is an official Registrar and Administrator of .eu and .ευ with complete administration services of Greek and European domain names.

For the better organization of Greek domain names, the second-level domain names have been created:
  • – For companies with commercial nature
  • – For educational organizations
  • – For network operators
  • – For organizations of a more general nature
  • – For government agencies


The registration of domain names under,,, for users is not mandatory but recommended for organizational reasons.

In particular, το institutional framework of ΕΕΤΤ and EurID, allows any individual or business to apply at for:
  • Domain name registration with tlds: .gr,,,,,, .ελ, .eu, .ευ
  • Registration .gr, .ελ and .ευ domain name with greek characters
  • Domain name renewal with tlds: .gr,,,,,, .ελ, .eu, .ευ
  • Data changing (e.g. DNS server)
  • Transfer of the domain to another natural or legal person
  • Selection of as a Registrar
  • Certification of Domain Names for issuing Digital Certificate (SSL) or other reason


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