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Terms of Use

All the services provided by to every kind of visitor, or registered member are made under the following conditions. The use of services entails automatic acceptance of the terms below that determine the conditions that govern the relationship between and the user.

Change and modification of terms or conditions reserves the right to change and/or modify and/or change and/or revise at any time without notice the present terms and conditions, but owes to update the current text on its website for every change or addition. If users continue the use of websites and services, it will be considered that they have accepted the changes of the terms and conditions.

Users’ registration

Underage individuals are forbidden to use the services, which according to the law are addressed exclusively to adults. If nevertheless an underage person visits websites or uses services that may be considered inappropriate for them, bears no responsibility.

Users will have to register for the use of services and get a user account by choosing a user name (user name) and password (user password) by filling in the relative form in the website of In this case, they will be obliged to give certain personal information (such as name, surname, address, etc.). With their subscription to the services of and the acquisition of user account, users give their consent to to keep their personal data. At the same time, users have the right, whenever they ask, to be informed of their personal data kept by Users are obliged to provide correct and accurate information and are obliged to always keep accurate, true, current, valid and complete contact information. If has a reasonable cause to suspect that the information provided is inaccurate, false or incomplete, it will have the right not to create or end the user account or refuse the use or the future use of the services by the user without any notice.

Users are responsible for the preservation of confidentiality and secure storage of their password and/or their name. Users will be responsible for all operations, actions or other activities carried out with the password and/or username. Passwords are not transferred and not for sale. is not responsible or bears a responsibility for non-authorized access to services or non-authorized use of the services or non-authorized use of the password and/or username. Users are responsible for all the actions performed with the password and username and are obliged to inform immediately for any non-authorized use of them and for any (even potential) security breach. is not responsible for any damage or loss might result from the unauthorized or illegal use of the password and/or username by third parties, due to its leak or any other reason and reserves the right to ask for compensation by the user, in case it suffers any loss by the unauthorized or illegal use of the password. has the right at any time in its judgment, to deny giving password or cancel a given password or terminate the provision of these services to the user and deny any current or future use of the services, in case of violation of the terms of use.

User behaviour and use of services

The reproduction, adaptation, copy, sell, resell or in any way exploitation of the content of websites of is not allowed. reserves the right to deny the provision of services including cases where it judges that the user’s behaviour is in contrast with any law or regulation or is harmful to the interests of and its partners.

Users declare strictly and accept that they are exclusively responsible for all the information, text, messages or any other content transmitted through the services. is not responsible to monitor or check the content that is saved or transmitted through its services and cannot guarantee the accuracy, validity or quality of this content. bears no responsibility for losses or damages of any kind that will be caused as a result of the transmitted content by the services.

Edit website content

Any processing of the website content, especially including the decompilation of the software included in it or the processing in any way of its source code is strictly forbidden.

Trademarks and brand names or INNOVIEW as well as its trademarks, are brand names and/or its trademarks. Copying, adaptation, reproduction, transmission, distribution, republication, printing, use and translation by anyone for any purpose is prohibited.

All trademarks used in websites or/and services, including the trademarks of, are trademarks registered and protected by copyrights, trademarks, services marks, patents or other proprietary rights and laws. Users srtictly agree and accept that they will only make fair use of trademarks and will not use the trademarks, whether drawings or words:

  • As their own brands or their part.
  • In a manner that may cause confusion.
  • To identify products with which they are not related.
  • To imply the approval or something similar of products or services with which they are not related.
  • In any way that may harm the reputation of or its trademarks.

Payment of services

Users strictly declare that they have read and accept the prices of services as seen on the website of has the right to change the prices of its services at any time and undertakes to inform the users with a relative notice in its website.

Financial data states that it doesn’t consider that the webpages of are addressed firstly to children and underage individuals. Any of the services of which are about buying services and the use of banking services or/and credit, debit, prepaid cards, will have to be performed by adult users who will be the only responsible for the safe keeping of their cards information and their other banking/financial information. It is understood that any service ordered through the webpages of will be considered to be carried out by the legal holder of the card and/or bank information, except where it has been proven by an appropriate court that these information have been stolen. In any of the payment methods and especially in charging cards, is not involved and doesn’t keep the card’s and web banking passwords or any other financial information. Read more in the section «information and transactions security».

Responsibilities of

Users of and its services accept that is not responsible for any loss and/or damage direct and/or indirect regarding anything published on the pages of and regarding any service of The users of declare that they waive any right regarding any service by that comes from any existing or future law anywhere in the world. with this excludes all responsibilities of any kind for the transmission or reception of inappropriate content of any kind.

With this, users agree to fully compensate and not raise claims against it, because of any claim that have raised third parties, as a result of them using the websites and services by , and in relation to all kinds of losses, costs, actions, procedures, claims, damages, expenses (including the reasonable legal costs and expenses) or responsibilities resulting or occurring, directly or indirectly, from as a result of such use of websites and services or of the violation by users or the non-compliance with these terms and conditions. is not responsible for any pricing adjustments imposed by the respective telecommunication provider and is basically forced to adjust accordingly its pricing policy.

Users will defend and pay any expense, loss, damage, adjudicated amount, fee (including reasonable legal fees) and compensation that will be imposed on as a result of the above claims, and will provide with information for these claims, full authorization to defend, compromise or settle these claims and the reasonable assistance necessary to defend such claims, exclusively at their own expense.

Regulation on Management and Assignment of Domain Names Decision

The Customer / User and / or future domain name owner must read, understand and agree to the Regulation on Management and Assignment of Domain Names Decision and also all modifications. On EETT's website there are all regulatory texts and any amendments. Regulatory Texts for .EU domain names can be found at Regulatory Texts for gtlds, such as .com, .net, etc., can be found at Domain names regestrations are made by our Company's staff at work days and hours after the filing of application and completion of the payment. has no responsibility if, during or before the payment of the customer's order, the selected domain has been registered by another, once the Company completes its registration after confirmation of the customer's payment. If this is the case, the Customer may search and register another domain.

.COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, etc. Domain names (except from .GR) that have been updated within 45 days in their current registrar are not renewed for one additional year by transferring them to, as foresee.

Specific renewal conditions:

  • .AT domains should be renewed at least 35 days before their expiration date.
  • .FR domains should be renewed at least 9 days before their expiration date.
  • .LI domains should be renewed at least 62 days before their expiration date.
  • .CH domains should be renewed at least 62 days before the expiration date.
  • .CO domains should be renewed at least 12 days before their expiration date.
  • .UK domains should be renewed at least 7 days before their expiration date.

The Customer explicitly consents to the deletion of the .de domain after its expiration date.

The Customer accepts the Registrant's Rights and Obligations as displayed on the official ICANN website here:


For identification purposes and security of transactions, the customer, if he is asked by the company, should provide further information, like his identity card, passport, etc. If the Customer doesn’t provide the requested information or the transaction isn’t successfully identified by the Company, the Company has the right not to provide the service and not to return the amount of the charge related to that transaction.

Payment by Credit, Debit, Prepaid Card, PayPal, Web banking (IRIS payments) or Masterpass

The Customer can pay his orders by Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Diners Club, Discover credit, debit and prepaid, PayPal, Web banking (IRIS payments) or Masterpass. The charge of the credit, debit or prepaid card is made after checking and certifying its data and its validity by the banking organization we cooperate. The Customer is the only responsible for the correct recording of the card, PayPal, web banking (IRIS payments) or Masterpass account details.

Payment by bank deposit

The Customer can pay his orders by bank payment (in store, through e-banking, phone banking or Automated Cash Transaction Centres - A.C.T.C.) through the DIAS system at the affiliated banks shown in the support and contact center of In this case the Customer must pay any bank commissions.

Payment by using Bitcoin

The Customer has the ability to pay his orders by using Bitcoin. The Customer is the only responsible for the management and proper recording of the data in order to be entered into the electronic wallet of his choice, from which he manages his Bitcoin transactions.

Service disruption

A service can be disrupted by any of the contracting members, without cause. is not obliged to return the agreed amount for the remaining time from the day of the interruption to the normal expiry of the contract, in case the interruption is requested by the Customer or the service is stopped by in case of violation of its terms by the Customer.

If the Customer declares that he doesn’t wish to continue the services, then stops the operation of the customer’s website and deletes it from its servers or other’s service without further notice. reserves the right to deny, end, or put on suspension the services it provides to the Customer at will, with or without warning, and will not be responsible for impacts, positive or negative, which are the result of the termination of a website by one of its servers, or the termination of some other service. Restoring files to a websites hosting account is charged.

In case the Customer keeps unpaid one or more services in his account, then has the right to suspend, stop, or delete all his domains or hosting accounts, paid or not, without the obligation to provide backups (back up) to the Customer. reserves the right to cancel an account, including its files and content, for any reason, at any time. The Customer agrees to keep backups (back up) of all files and databases he is hosting in and agrees that will not have any responsibility for data loss. The Customer is responsible for creating backups for his data.

Since the Customer doesn’t wish further the services of should state it through the cancellation form which is on the control panel in his account for each one of the services. By sending the form, a confirmation email that the form is delivered is automatically sent to the customer. If the Customer does not receive the confirmation email, he will have to telephone to

In case of late payment, our services are programmed to automatically stop after the expiry of the subscription.

Guarantee availability of the hosting services network - Service Level Agreement (SLA) for hosting services

The availability guarantee of the hosting service network is valid for any client without financial pending in the period of disruption of the network availability. aims to provide the content of its clients' websites, available for access from anywhere on the planet constantly. The downtime is defined as the loss of all packages from to ISPs.

The goal of is to keep the average packages loss 0.1% or less during a calendar month, as measured by downtime is counted after the non-functioning customer notification, at the time of the interruption, through the ticketing system of, at If it is impossible to access the ticketing system, then you must call via phone. administrators will determine the end of the downtime. If the average packet loss exceeds 1%, will provide credit to the customer in the form of service subscription time, provided:

The webserver, the database server, the technology equipment or the data center infrastructure hosted on your website are available less than 99.9% over a calendar month, or if the provision of network data center hosted on your website is available less than 100%, will credit your hosting package with free extra hosting time as follows:

  • Monthly 97% to 99.9% credit, 50% hosting credit.
  • Monthly 96.9% and below, 100% hosting credit.


The Customer will not receive any credit for any failure, malfunction or unavailability of his website caused or associated with:

a. Circumstances beyond the reasonable control of including, without limitation, government activities, war, insurrection, sabotage, armed conflict, exclusion, fire, flood, strike or other work disruption, interruption or delay in transportation, inaccessibility or interruption or delay in third-party telecommunications or services, hacker or virus attacks, third party software failure (including, without limitation, ecommerce software, payment gateways, chat, statistics or free scripts); or inability to obtain the raw materials, supplies, or energy required to use the appropriate equipment to provide this SLA.
b. Scheduled or urgent maintenance and improvement of the Company's technological equipment.
c. Issues with customer access to the services: DNS, FTP / SFTP, POP, IMAP or SMTP.
d. False references for systems failure.
e. Acts or omissions of the client (or acts or omissions other that are bound or approved by the customer), including, without limitation, custom or encoding (eg, CGI, Perl, HTML, ASP, JSP, etc.), any negligence, willful misconduct, or use of the services in violation of the terms of and the provisions of the accepted policy use.
f. Delivery or transmission of email or webmail.
g. Services interruption elsewhere on the Internet that prevent access to the Customer. is not responsible for browsers or DNS that can make it impossible for the service to appear to the customer. Also, is not responsible for problems arising from the quality of Internet access by the provider selected by the Customer. will guarantee only those areas under its control, namely servers, server routers and their connection to the Internet.

Access fees definitions

The access fee for hosting customers is the monthly basic access fee paid by the client for the package, the monthly data transfer limit allowed at no extra cost, excluding organizational fees, additional services for the server or other types options such as additional IP addresses, hourly support costs, bank or credit commissions, debit and prepaid cards, installation costs and additional services.

Money Back Guarantee hosting packages (shared hosting or other selected packages) are accompanied by a 60 day money back guarantee from the start date of the hosting account. If the Customer is not satisfied with the hosting services level of, he may within 60 days from the start of his account request the cancellation of this product, otherwise he tacitly agrees to the continued service provision and waives his right to refund of the money paid. If the amount of the subscription included additional costs (purchase of a domain name, SSL purchase, static IP purchase, third party commissions or bank or credit, debit and prepaid card fees, installation costs, additional services), the amount of the subscription is returned to the customer after deduction the above costs. No refunds are made after the 60th day of the subscription. The above guarantee applies only to Shared Hosting packages (Linux, Windows and Support Plus) and not to all services provided by, such as Domain Names, Dedicated Server, VPS servers etc.

Only new accounts are eligible for compensation. For example, if the Customer had an account, canceled and created a new one, he / she is not entitled to compensation for the last account.

Any breach of any term hereunder is considered to result in the non-refund of any amount to the customer.

Renewal of services

A service is automatically renewed according the current price in the pricelist for the kind of the provided service during the time of the renewal, unless the Customer doesn’t wish further cooperation with and informs about that.

In any case, the Customer should check that received the notification of the payoff of his subscription and activated or renewed the services for which he paid. In case cannot verify the details of the payment information from services renewal (e.g. due to damaged FAX, non-delivery of the notification email, etc.) then the company stops the operation of the services, with absolutely no responsibility for any losses or damages that would result from the termination/interruption of the services at the Client.

Online Invoice Τrasmission

The Customer owes to notify the email addresses to which the issued legal vouchers will be sent. Furthermore, the Client strictly declares that the particular email addresses and every kind of update about them is in his full, exclusive and undisputed control. These addresses should not be accessible by third parties, unless they are authorized by the Customer himself. has no responsibility for any third party accessing the email addresses of the Customer, or for any damage incurred to the Customer from the access and/or use of his email addresses by third parties.

For any change in the information he has declared, and particularly in the e-mail address information, the only responsible is the Customer, who owes to inform about the changes. has no responsibility in case of failure or delay to inform the Customer for the issue of the voucher for the above reason. has no responsibility for any damage incurred to the Customer and/or third parties due to failure or delay of the customer to access his email.

The Customer accepts that makes every reasonable effort to ensure the availability of the service for online transmission of vouchers.

Let's Encrypt Certificate

Let's Encrypt is offered free of charge by to all Linux and Windows shared hosting packages as well as to Plus Support packages. In addition, it is offered free of charge in all Reseller Hosting packages (Linux and Windows). Its activation is easily done by the customer through the cPanel or Plesk, of Linux or Windows hosting plans, respectively. It is a domain validation certificate, and a detailed description of its features can be found on the page of Company - Provider. The certificate remains active for as long as the Customer keeps active one of the hosting packages reported., as well as the Company-Provider may terminate the free disposal of the listed product without any other notice.

Limitation of Liability - Ensure

The team of makes the best possible efforts to ensure that the content of the website always consists of accurate and up-to-date information, always based on your best service. However, it is not liable for the accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of the content being published, and therefore bears no responsibility.

The Customer who has purchased and uses any service agrees to defend against any court, ensure, keep away from any risk, from all claims, losses,financial compensations and liabilities, the Company and will cover it against any financial cost including the fees of lawyers, will also cover it from any claim or claim for loss or damage or any other cause raised by himself or by any third party against the Company or the client, which uses the service, which uses the service, due to the activities and services or other acts of the customer or content and information that has been initiated through the Company's server or due to malfunction of any of our servers, with or without the consent of the customer, that uses the service or its affiliate.

In addition, the Client who has made the purchase and use the service expressly declares and binds hereby that in the event that any legal claim or administrative proceeding is brought against the Company and stems from the breach by of any kind of rights of third parties, is obliged to intervene in the court or administrative procedure and on the other hand to compensate fully the Company in the event that the latter is obliged to pay indemnity or any other other expenditure.

Οnline dispute resolution

According to a directive of the European Commission, consumers and traders have at their disposal the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform for electronic dispute resolution, whether for domestic or cross-border transactions. The ODR is directly linked to the appropriate Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) competent bodies in each country, which are responsible for handling the complaints. For Greece these bodies are A) the Independent Authority "Consumer Ombudsman" and B) the Ombudsman of Banking - Investment Services.

Users explicitly declare and accept that they are solely responsible for all information, texts, messages or any other content transmitted through the services of is not responsible for monitoring or checking content that is stored or transmitted through its services and can not guarantee the accuracy, validity or quality of this content. is not responsible for monitoring or checking content that is stored or transmitted through its services and can not guarantee the accuracy, validity or quality of this content. bears no responsibility for any losses or damages of any kind caused as a result of the content transmitted by the services.

Additional requirements for individual registies of domain names

The following table lists links that revert to the Top Ending Terms and Conditions on the relevant pages of the registries. By registering domain names of the following endings, the Client confirms that he has read and agrees with the terms and conditions provided by these registers.


Terms of Use for SSL Certificates

The SSl certifications which provides are from three basic certification authorities of SSL certification the DigiCert, the Comodo and the Trustwave.

For the certificates of DigiCert authority and its brands (Symantec, Thawte, GeoTrust, RapidSSL) you can find their Terms of Use here and here.

For the certificates of Sectigo authority you can find their Terms of Use here.

The renewal of an SSL can be done:

  • 60 days before the expire for Sectigo SSL
  • 90 days before the expire for RapidSSL
  • 90 days before the expire for GeoTrust SSL

The verification process required to enable OV and EV certificates is performed by the Certificate Authority that provides the SSL certificate. bears no responsibility for the confirmation process for both success and failure.

In case SSL is used for a website hosted on an server, the Customer has the ability to install his certificate through the management platform of his hosting package, cPanel or Plesk. does not assume the installation of the ssl certificate for the customer, unless requested by the customer himself and must accept the extra charge that will be announced to him. An exception to this is also the clients who have Support Plus packages, in which case will completely and without extra charge, install SSL certificates, according to the correct usage policy that requires the installation of up to 20 certificates per Plus Support Package.

If SSL is used for a website hosted on another hosting provider, the Client must download and store the private key on his computer at the time it is displayed and insert it into his hosting package to complete the activation of the SSL Certificate. The private key is not stored at the Company's base. offers completely free of charge with every hosting package, for all domain names included in the package, the Let's Encrypt certificate for domain validation, as well as the certificate cPanel (powered by Comodo) also for domain validation at Cloud Linux Hosting services. The installation of the certificate can be done through the cPanel or Plesk package hosting platform. See detailed instructions on how to install the Let's Encrypt certificate for domain validation, respectively through your cPanel or Plesk administration package. The installation of cPanel (powered by Comodo) certificate is done automatically by the system.

For the certificate of Let's Encrypt authority you can find the Terms of Use here.

For the certificate of cPanel (powered by Sectigo) authority you can find the Terms of Use here.