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Information and Transactions Security uses the latest encryption and security certification methods in order to secure your navigation and the transactions procedures at our website.

Transactions security

In any of the payment methods and especially in charging cards, is not involved and doesn’t keep the details of the cards or web banking passwords, or any financial details. The transactions and the cards’ details, including the number of the credit or debit or prepaid card, are given by the owner of the card through safe bank networks, directly to the banks and is just informed by the banking institutions for the success or not completion of the transaction.

The same procedure applies to the payment through PayPal, Bitcoin, Masterpass, web banking (IRIS payments) and through every bank with the Electronic Payment Code. Our communication with the bank system or organizations is made using encryption methods, complying with all the Greek, European and International standards for the security of transactions, the possession and protection of data, as well as the control by independent institutions, on a daily basis, for the protection of our website from malware and security gaps.

Information security uses the TLS 1.2 protocol, with encryption up to 256 bit (the most powerful today), for ensuring the safety of online transactions and for securing the information transmitted between the visitor/client and By this way all your personal information are encrypted, including your name and address or any other personal data, so that they cannot be read or changed, during the execution of an online transaction, as a result of a malicious action. The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) constitutes today the worldwide basic mean on the internet for securing websites (web sites) with certification and encryption of information between the online users and the online servers (web servers).

Communication with a digital SSL certificate requires, that all the information sent between a customer and a server (server), to be encrypted by the sending software and to be decrypted by the acceptance software, this way personal information are protected during their transfer. Additionally, all the information that are sent with the SSL protocol are protected by a mechanism that automatically verifies if the data have been changed during the transfer. Finally, with the SSL digital certificate that uses, which you can verify by using our services through our website, you are able to be sure and secure that the projected website belongs to our company and not to a third malicious entity, avoiding in this way becoming a victim of online fraud (phishing).

The Sectigo (formerly Comodo CA) company certify each year as a legal registered company with all the legitimizing documents, as well as other information, such as address, phone number and more. As a result, you are always sure that you browse the website of a real and legitimate company.

Instant SSL Seal

Instant SSL Seal is a security seal which appears on the websites that use one of the Digital Certificates of the world most known company in the field of online security, Sectigo (formerly Comodo CA). Sectigo certifies these websites because they offer a secure interface for online purchases.

Instant SSL Seal certified

When the user presses on the Instant SSL Seal, a new window opens with information (as you see in the above image) about the legal entity and our website, such as the status of the digital certificate. This way you can be sure that, when you make your purchases online in the website of, your personal and sensitive data remain safe and that you buy from a legitimate company certified by a world famous third entity.