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Node.js is a lean, fast, cross platform JavaScript runtime environment which is useful for both hosting servers and other applications. brings the technology of Node.js at its Cloud Linux Hosting services too.

Nowadays, scalability, latency and throughput are key performance indicators for web server. Keeping latency low and the throughput high while scaling up and out is not an easy thing. Node.js is based at a JavaScript runtime environment that achieves low latency and high performance. In other words, it does not waste time or resources on waiting Input/Output (I/O) request to return.

Node.js adapts a different approach in order to handle thhe input and output threads through the web server. It runs a single-threaded event loop registered with the system to handle connections, and each new connection causes a JavaScript callback function to fire. This function handle the I/O requests, and if necessary can spawn threads from a pool to execute blocking or use more the CPU and through this way eventually to load-balance across CPU cores. This approach requires less memory in order to handle more connections than most competitive architectures that scale with threads, including Apache HTTP server, the various Java server, ISS and ASP.NET and of course the well-known Ruby on Rails which you can see at our article.

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Knowing the needs of our customers and targeting always the best performance of their online presence, now provide the technology of Node.js in all Hosting services. Now this technology is also available in Cloud Linux Hosting services through cPanel and you can find it at cPanel platform, as you can see at the image below: always trying to provide the best hosting services, aiming their customers online presence and solving posible troubles about their website latency.

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