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The existence of an SSL certificate on each website is quite important, not only for the higher ranking in the search engines but also for the security that gives to the visitors of the websites. Google has made some announcements about what will happen at websites without SSL certification.

What is the announcement that Google make?
This announcement states that with the launch of Chrome 68 in July 2018 each website that does not have an SSL certification will be automatically classified as "Not secure".

At the image below you can see how this factor will>

In an earlier article, we mentioned the changes that will be taken place concerning to users' online security. Under this article, so far Chrome has the "Not secure" label when a website has a part with a login form and not the whole website.From July 2018, it will now display the entire website as "No secure" whether it has a login part or not if there is no SSL certificate installed. It is also very important to all know what SSL certificates are, you can learn information extensively through our article. What we need to understand is what HTTP and HTTPS mean in order to understand why these changes are taking place.It is very important that everyone who has a website knows the value of the transition from HTTP to HTTPS.

Having an SSL certificate on our website, you create security for our visitors as it is authenticated and protects the privacy of their personal data with strong encryption. In this way, there is a customer confidence that the website in which they will use their sensitive data such as personal data and credit or debit cards information will not be intercepted. It is also very positive that Google has announced that it will rank SSL sites higher in searches because the HTTPS will be used as a pointer to user searches.

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