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The transactions we make via the internet are unmetered, so the security that is required is very crucial. The security on the internet is recognized by the "s" at the end of the http of our url. So what needs to be checked is the transition from http to https.

But what is the reason why we have to do this transition?

A very important reason is security, especially when it concerns online shops. Specifically, online shops process mane personal data like username, password and credit card information, and when there is not an SSL certificate, these data are sent via the internet as an unencrypted data. Most users want security in their online transactions, so they see if there is an SSL certificate in order to be absolutely sure that their data are encrypted and secured.

According to what we have mentioned above, we see that the transmition to HTTPS offers many advantages in different areas. Below we will see a tutorial about how to transmit your website from HTTPS to HTTPS.

 Purchase SSL certificate

    1. Domain validation(DV)
    2. Organization validation(OV)
    3. Extended validation(EV)
 Install SSL certificate
  Updating hard-coded links and adding 301 redirects.
 SEO and Google Analytics

The security of our online transactions is very important. Security in the world wide web is provided by using the SSL certificate. So what we need to do is simply buy an SSL certificate from one of the three available types(DV,OV and EV). Once we choose and purchase an SSL certificate, we have to install it at our website. This process depends on the management of your hosting package if its cPanel or Plesk Onyx. Then you need to customize your website to open it permanently on HTTPS. Also, the use of an SSL certificate gives at your website a higher ranking on serach engines and also the use of Google Analytics become more simple.

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