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Bulk sms messages and their influence on marketing

Speaking of bulk sms one would have the opportunity to consider how useful they could be for any business and the contribution of this service to achieving its best possible advertising. More specifically, it would be advisable to refer to some, if not all, possibilities of using mass sms as a marketing tool.

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New TLDs: Statistics and prospects

Νέες καταλήξεις ονομάτων χώρου

The new domain name extensions are here! Businesses, organizations and individuals can reap the benefits of a new outcome and thus achieve the best possible visibility and advertising, since with a new TLD they are best represented in their capacity.

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Which safety labels are the most trusted?

We present you an interesting research by an independent research institute (Baymard Institute) about the habits of visitors and the confidence they choose to have in digital certificates and safety labels. The survey was conducted in January 2013 for the US and focused on e-commerce websites.

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