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Νέες καταλήξεις ονομάτων χώρου

The new domain name extensions are here! Businesses, organizations and individuals can reap the benefits of a new outcome and thus achieve the best possible visibility and advertising, since with a new TLD they are best represented in their capacity.

The new TLDs have already become known, and many of us have even begun to buy them. They offer countless possibilities for unique domain names, and can help them to show more effectively the name of the business or more generally what is offered and made known through the website and thus increase the trust of your visitors.
New extensions can bring improvements, specialization, and more interest in a topic, as your new extension can be chosen according to the location, culture and activities of your visitors. The more relevant the domain name you are interested in with the content of your website, the more relevant your search results will be to your visitors, but wherever they are.

Have you wondered if some of the new TLDs have more entries and are more popular than others before? According to statistics collected according to the growth rate of the new TLDs by independent bodies, the most prevalent one was .xyz. Results were not included in the results that were available less than a week and are a measure of continued popularity during the first days of availability. The graph below depicts the top 10 most popular and demanding TLDs:

With the right choice of new endings, the owners of domain names will have the opportunity to promote their activities more properly and targeted.