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We inform you after the international publications about the security bug in the OpenSSL open source library, widely used on the Internet for protection and security when transferring digital certificate data. systems and all applications are safe from the Heartbleed security gap, as it became known.

As a precautionary measure, it recommends and urges its users to change their passwords. You can change your password through the dashboard after you sign in or fill out the password reminder form to start the process to get a new password in your email.

The best and the most correct practise is to have unique and tricky passwords for each site individually and change them at regular intervals., always with a sense of responsibility, is trying to give its users the best security measures and for these reasons it has added the two-factor authentication that enables all our users to activate it and make more secure their account. See how to enable two-factor authentication.

More about this security void can be found here