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Theft of personal data and traps that hide some websites are the most important concerns for the consumer. Most of you, believe that getting an SSL certificate on your website will make consumers not afraid.

But have you chosen the right SSL certificate to provide the security you need to gain the trust of your audience in your online store?

In order for consumers to have confidence in your website, you should as an owner of the website have an easy and reliable way to show your customers that transactions are safe and that the owner of the website is the one who says it is. However, due to the plurality of certificates that exist, such as DV, OV and EV, choosing the best for your website several times can make you worry. There are significant differences between the types of SSL certificates depending on the type of website and the services or products it provides.

  Do you know the SSL certification?
SSL certificates are of three types: DV, OV and EV. Everyone has a distinct use. The differences in SSL certificates can be found in our article.

  The best certificate for an online store is the type of Extended Validation SSL Certificates (SSL).
Because it provides the highest level of trust as it provides more confidence to the consumers who visit your website and your online store. The kind of these certificates is the industry standard for all online stores. An EV SSL certificate triggers high security browsers to display the organization name in a green address bar as it displays the Certificate Certification Authority. So you provide your audience with the certification of your organization's existence as well as show how your online store is real, since in order for you to have such certification, the Certification Authority makes a specialized audit to issue the certificate for your website and your online store.

The best SSL certificate for your online store is EV SSL (Extended Validation SSL Certificate) to better trust your visitors and not have trouble shopping on your e-shop!

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