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The SSL/TLS infrastructer is strong, but nothing is totally impervious to malicious actions.There are some weaknesses that hackers can exploit and undermine trust in the internet. For this reason we will mention how we can identify these weknesses and how we can enhance the security of our website.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) are the backbone of online security. Often referred to under the general term SSL, the most important security protocols for the internet and their goal is to ensureprivate communication between the site's server and the visitor's browser.

Below you will see what you have to pay attention when you applying your certificate to your website.

  Exploiting the bad SSL certificate implementation from hackers.
SSL / TLS certificates should be installed correctly and carefully on your website to function effectively. When you do not pay attention to the details of applying the certificate, you create vulnerabilities in the security infrastructure of your website that hackers can exploit.

Researchers have found two specific ways, with which hackers can exploit your website's SSL certificate.

  Heartbleed Bug:

In 2014, a security problem was found in the Open SSL library and was named Heartbleed Bug. Which allowed hackers to get information from your website's server using the same software that was meant to keep your data secure.


Similarly, in 2015 FREAK vulnerability was detected, mainly due to an error in the Open SSL client software and Microsoft's SChannel library. Which was only usable on poorly configured servers.

In order to fix this error, you will need to upgrade to the latest version of the Open SSL library and configure your servers correctly.

  What SSL / TLS certificate shall I used?
SSL / TLS certificates are available at various levels, ranging from low to high certification testing. There are also some trusted Certificate Authorities (CAs) and some others that are less reliable. Still, you should be aware that even a cheap or free SSL certificate can do its job, but it may not give you the security you want. You can see more information about SSL certificates and their articles in our article .

  How important is strong encryption?
Different SSL Certificate issuing Authorities have different SSL certificates types and you should check what each certificate offers. The strength of an SSL encryption depends on the algorithm used and the length of the key. Hackers can more easily crack encryption on web pages where they have short key certificates by using a brute force attack. So the bigger the key size is, the more time and a better computing system the hacker needs to break the encryption of the key to your website. For this reason, reliable SSL Certificate Authorities do not issue short-term (512-bit) keys on their certificates.

So in order to know the potential vulnerabilities of your website you should notice the above things on your website. Anything you need for yours website security can be informed by innoview's consulting team. and you can see the SSL certificates we provide from the most trusted SSL Certificate Authorities.

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