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Do you have a Website? You have two reasons to take it to us!

A website is needed in a business, as it presents its image and offer. Website hosting is just as important and should be a concern for the business since it should be able to gain more money and be quick and reliable.

So, deciding to go ahead with building a website, a business, it is advisable to claim a better hospitality. gives you the motivation to decide on the transfer of your website. By transferring your website hosting, you will automatically win the rest of your time in the previous hosting company, up to 6 months, with a free transfer and a 60 day money back guarantee in order to be sure. In addition, in Greece, the majority of businesses use the .gr domain name for their website and gives you the opportunity to transfer it with a result that will convince you that you made the right decision. Having one or more .gr domain names is just enough to transfer them and you'll have a 2 € discount on each of your next two updates. This way you earn a total of € 4 from the normal price of their two renewals.

In any case, whether you just have a website, a .gr domain name or both together, you are only have to decide to transfer them at and leave the rest to us discovering the opportunities you will be given from us.

Finally, after you come to our family, you can benefit from the free services we offer to all our active customers and you can be informed about them through the "Free serivces for our clients" section.

See all the details of our offer that will be available for a short time, from the special section we have created specifically for this purpose "Do you have a website? You have two reasons to transfer it to us".

Thank you very much for the trust you have shown us all these years by keeping us close to you!