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Nowadays, more and more businesses are using apps for either massive SMS messaging within SMS marketing or for sending SMS messages to their customers automatically when they make a purchase in their online store.

The inSMS service provided by is the best application for all online store stores. In order to serve its customers, provides all users of the inSMS application a plugin to automatically send sms at different stages of one's order client.

Below we will analyze the usefulness of this plugin:
 Immediately inform your customer of his order.
An automated message is sent when an order is made by a customer, in order to inform him that the store has received the order and that it will take the appropriate actions.

  Information about the status of the order.
Through this add-on, you can set the automatic sending of a message to your customer when your order is ready for shipping from your store.

 Finally, information about when the order is sent.
You are given the ability to send an automatic message to your customer when the order has been received by the corresponding company. In this message you usually indicate the code by which your customer can see where his order is located to contact the appropriate store either to pick up the package or to arrange the time of pickup.

Several companies use this automated way to communicate with their customers. This way is the best means of informing your customers, aiming at their satisfaction without any difficulty. All business people know that the best for their company is to create satisfied customers and to achieve this goal, offers you a free plugin to connect the inSMS with your online store.

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