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The most important thing for your website is its security, the best way to ensure this is to have regular back ups from your website and maintain them. Do you know how important is back up for your website's security?

Definitely you hear a lot of things about back up of your website's data and how important this is. So, because the impact of loss of your website or your e-shop data is damaging to your company, you should ensure that you have at least one back up for your website or your e-shop. But do you know the most known problems that make backups necessary?

Below we will analyze the most known examples that makes back up of your website or e-shop necessary:

 Firstly, you will know the existence of hackers.
Several are the owners of wensites who do not believe that their website may be attacked by a malicious person, especially when the website is very simple. Such an example can be considered a website that contains informations just about a company, that is its corporate profile. You should be aware that hackers may violate or hack a website for their own satisfaction without targeting the interception of personal information (information from credit or debit cards, contact information and other personal data). This is the reason why there is no selection criterion, so all website owners should ensure that they have a back up and keep it up.

  Secondly, an upgrade you might do might be wrong.
The second basic reason that most providers suggest you always to get backup before your upgrade. Each site is made up of various plugins, components, extra features, and other applications that in the event of incompatibility with a later version may result in your website malfunctioning or even its total destruction.

 Third, the existence of malware and viruses.
In order to develop your website, you install a number of plugins and themes that may contain malicious software, which will inadvertently allow hackers to have access on your website and e-shop data. One factor that allows such actions is a weak firewall. If you understand that your website has been compromised, then with your back up you will be able to restore it easily.

  Finally, the human error factor.
If you do not manage your website alone, then you should be sure that your website is managed by experienced staff. Of course there is a case where you have purchased a website and the managing of its content after its developed is under your responsibility. The two examples we mentioned are quite common nowadays, and the lack of back ups often leads to additional costs for recovering your site. So when someone makes changes to your website, regardless of the experience the user has, you should take bakc up in order to ensure that your website will be recovered.

The conclusion is that the security of your website should be a primary role for any website owner. Choosing the right provider is also an important factor, because a hosting provider for your website should be able to provide you with daily backup. provides all Cloud Linux Hosting plans with 30 daily backups and 3 monthly back up data for your website, always aiming at ensuring security and protection your website's data. has a firewall designed to protect your website's data and prevent hackers from hacking your website's data. Also, provides Plus Support plans in order to ensure the best hosting for your website or e-shop.

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