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With more than 300 million worldwide registrations, the .com and .net TLDs are the most popular at domain name registration options for companies and organizations. But what are the keywords that the domain names owners use?

Today we will talk about the keywords that appear in the search that a person searches on the web. These keywords are very important because they are used by search engines in search by different people on different search engines, for example Google, to find what they want. With the increase of the domain name, the keywords started to be used continuously by various websites, with the result that the importance of using the keywords has been minimally reduced. Of course, their use still remains because in search engines when you write a word or a sentence about what you want to find on the internet, the results you get are the result of the words used in the construction of the various web pages. For this reason, the .com and .net TLDs registry makes monthly checks on registered websites about the keywords that are used globally by its registrars. These tendencies tend to change. Below we will see the 10 most popular keywords that appear in the registered domain name with .com and .net TLDs.

  .com domain names:
The 10 keywords used globally for .com domain names are the following:
  1. Force
  2. Explore
  3. Ceramic
  4. Accident
  5. Coating
  6. Maven
  7. Supplement
  8. Realm
  9. Training
  10. Scooter
  .net domain names:
The 10 keywords used globally for .net domain names are the following:
  1. Space
  2. Insurance
  3. Side
  4. Force
  5. Marketing
  6. Energy
  7. Construction
  8. Photo
  9. White
  10. Street
Do you want to register your .com or .net domain name? Be careful and think about it before it is registered, your domain name should be unique, easy to read and state the content of your website, and in addition you must have at least one unique keyword in order to can "stand out" in the search that users can make on different search engines.

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