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In order to choose a hosting plan, it is very important to know the bandwidth (traffic of your website) so you can choose the right one for your website if you have an ad campaign in place. But do you know what is bandwidth ?

Bandwidth is the amount of information that a device manages on the web, that is a set of connected devices (for example, servers, mobile, computers, laptops, etc.) communicating with each other by exchanging data at the rate allowed by infrastructure and network availability. So your website usually has a specific bandwidth shot with a certain limit. This limit may be overlapping if you have an ad as a result of high traffic. Another possible way to overlay the bandwidth of your website's plan is to send multiple spam emails from your email account (usually by a malicious person).

Typically, the bandwidth is measured based on the monthly maximum data transfer to and from the infrastructure of your website. It is a very important factor with which you have to choose the hosting plan of your website so that all your customers can see your website at any time. understands the needs of its customers and consumers, so it provides unlimited bandwidth to all Cloud Linux Hosting plans for its customers, having as a primary role to provide the best service and as secondary the best relationship between quality of its services and their cost. We also offer unlimited bandwidth to reseller services for Linux Resellers. Also, provides unlimited bandwidth to the email hosting services in order not to eliminate the possibility of not receiving an email for a while.

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