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A great way of marketing is to send sms. The reason is obvious because your customers' approach is instantaneous since most mobile phone users read the sms messages they receive on a daily basis.

Sms marketing is an option to advertise your products and services, but to achieve your goal, you need to have the right strategy so that the sent SMSs are efficient and effective. Below we will see some types of SMS that you need to know about the campaign you want to create.

 1. Informing SMS
SMS that their purpose is to inform your consumers about various actions of your company or organization.

 2. Advertising SMS
SMS that their purpose is to advertise a new service or product provided by your company or organization.

 3. SMS consering payments
SMS their purpose is to inform your customers about outdated billing reports.

  4. SMS reminder
SMS their purpose is to inform and remind about the termination of a service or about an appointment made by a customer.

  5. Confirmation SMS
SMS their purpose is to to ask companies to confirm their consumers about an appointment that has been agreed.

  6. Promotion SMS
SMS aimed at informing your customers about the offers of your company or organization.

  7. SMS for contests
SMS aimed at informing the consumer of your company or organization about a contest you are conducting.

The above types of SMS are used daily by various organizations or companies with the aim of daily informing consumers about advertising products or services, confirming appointments to either a medical group or a caregiver or even a restaurant. Nowadays, the implementation of these SMS is quite widespread and efficient. provides you with the easy and easy inSMS application to start your own SMS campaign today.

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