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Innoview is near to its customers and concerning the new gTLDs, we would like to inform you about the most famous gTLD for the first semester of 2018. Do you have a domain name with a different TLD of .com or .eu which are well-known?

 Do you ever register a domain name with a different TLD?
Very important, apart from the number of registered domain names with each TLDs, is the way they are used by their owner. Several of these are used to promote to other URLs, such as those of social media. Creating different domain names that redirecting to the home page of a company or organization in order to have better SEO for their website. Others works as parking domain names. The rest are normally used by companies that have their website also with a TLD differently from their country TLD.

Below we will analyze some of the most popular TLDs that have been registered so far in the first semester of 2018 as well as for which TLD we offer a promotion in order to register your own domain name.

At the top places remain the .top, .xyz, .club, .vip and .online TLDs that we have already mentioned in our article. But we would like to let you know about some more TLDs that came out later in 2018 and some others that are posible domain names for many users worldwide.

 .loan - 2,200,00+ registrations
The .loan TLD is a good choice for companies, organizations, or people who are about to borrow something. According to the .loan domain name registry, this TLD is mainly used for commercial reasons by the larger range of its domain names, since only 36% of domain names are parked domains.

 .win – 650,000+ registrations
The .win TLD is a really good choice for domain name domains containing games and contests, it offers its dealers a powerful tool for online games or competitions created by different companies. This is why the 62% domain with this end result is parked domains.

 .shop – 600,000+ registrations
A successful TLD is the .shop, as several pledges have been made. The reason why this ending has become so popular is because it is suitable for online store promotion. Several companies are securing a second domain name with this ending, by viewing their online store, so 75% of the domains registered with this end result as parked domains.

 .site – 500,000+ registrations
This TLD has become quite popular because it is a top level domain name that anyone can use to promote their website. Many use this suffix to redirect to their original website's domain name.

You can see the most popular tlds of the first semester in 2018 by clicking here.

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