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The new TLD of the .gr and .ελ registry is now available for registration from Tuesday July 10 at 11:00 local time, according to the .gr registry. The registration of .ελ domain names will be done in two steps. Have you been properly informed about the .ελ gTLD?

According to the .gr and .ελ domain name registry, registrars of already assigned .gr domain names will be able to register the same domain name with the .ελ TLD during the quarter from July 10th to Octomber 10th 2018. However, if the desired .ελ domain name is not same with someone .gr domain name, it can be registred by anyone interested since the first day of the .gr and .ελ registry's launch.

After that quarter, the .gr and .ελ registry mention that all non-reserved .ελ domain names, will be available for registration to any interested person without any specific limitations. You can find more useful information about the .ελ domain name registration at ΕΕΤΤ (Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission)!

 Do you know what homograph names are?
Homograph names are those names that are visually identical in their lower or upper case, punctuated or unpunctuated and they are written on Greek or latin alphabet. An example of that form is the domain name μαρκα.ελ and the, as you can see both of them visually are the same with the only difference on their alphabet, the first one is written with the Greek alphabet and the second one is with latin alphabet. As an homograph name of μαρκα.ελ cannot be the, because the character r has no visually similar character in the Greek alphabet. For the same example if some wants to write the name on upper case, then the correct choice is either it is on Greek alphabet or latin. More information about the homograph characters you can find here. Do you know what you have to carre about the homograph names?
In case there are two or more homograph names assigned to different registrants, which have been registered before 04/07/2005 when the .gr and .ελ registry firtly allow the greek characters, the right to activate a homograph name of the domain nameis not given to any of the registrants. If for any reason only one of the domain names remains registered, the registrant of this domain name has the right to activate any of the homograph names. is an official registrar in order to register your domain name with .ελ TLD and many other newTLD. Our empirienced team will help you to find the ideal domain name with .ελ TLD for your best promotion of your website.

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