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A malicious person needs only one time to violate your website in order to cause damage to your data. But why do you allow this to happen? Have you taken the appropriate steps in order to protect your website?

There are several ways not to violate your website on the basis of some research done in this area. Creating a strong password for your account requires the adoption and management of some techniques. If you do not have a problem with the codes you use, you should initially change them at regular intervals, the best is every 6 months. This is, of course, depending on the data recorded on your website, you should change your password more often. So as regularly as better for your security as the security of your website. In addition to frequent change of your password, another very important factor is the power of your password. For this reason, your password should consist of several letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers and symbols. It should also not be predictable, ie do not use a pet's name for a code. Finishing for better security, it's a good idea not to use the same code on different systems.

  A very important security way is to use two-factor authentication for your accounts.
Using the extra two-factor certification code results in your website being further secured. The use of the code has been applied to most management platforms in order to be protected with an extra step before entering the platform for managing your website. This code is unique to each user and its only requirement is to use a smartphone to download the secure application that creates the two-factor codes, ie google authenticator.

  The hosting of your website
A very important factor for the security of your website is your hosting space. The administrator should check the resources, privacy and integrity of your hosting space, as it is responsible for the server's operation where you are hosting your site. This site should always be up to date and always have the best possible security, such as a firewall. provides hosting for your web sites to the best servers for the sake of customer safety.

  Your website's applications
Your website should be handled by a developer who knows about the strengths of your website and makes the necessary upgrades to the additional features of its management system. So you need a responsible person to keep up with your website's management environment to keep up with the latest version. It is very important that you maintain a copy of your website's for security at regular intervals, so that your site recovery is possible and immediate in the event of its destruction. Finally, the plugins and the themes you use should be from trusted sources.

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