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Email marketing is quite useful nowadays and is a fairly reliable way of communicating companies with the consumer audience aiming new customers. However, it's not so easy just to send an occasional email to advertise your products and your services.

If you want to be a successful email marketer, you need to properly format the email you send. To achieve this, there is not only one thing to keep in mind but millions of strategies that will lead you to your goal. Nevertheless, there are some specific things that you should not do.

Here are 8 major errors that research has shown that should be avoided:

 Correct sender information
Most people read the emails they receive when these seem to have come from an individual. So after you want to be sure that the email you send will be read by the consumers, you must not send your email marketing message from an email sender of the form This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It has been noticed that those who receive emails from senders with such email format do not open it and they do not read it.
 Inauthentic subject lines
You need your subject line to attract the attention of your readers, but this is no excuse to follow an exaggerated way. You also do not have to be boring, because the boring underlying issues that are just as bad to readers. So you have to find the perfect balance between these two, in order you to be able to get a new audience without sacrificing your reputation.
 Do not use a boring copy
If you want users to read your emails, you should attract their interested. You can do this when the email you send can not be considered as a creation of a robot. So readers will read the email you sent and will continue to read. The most important thing is that most companies do not send interesting email, so if you write in your own way, you have a good chance to stand out.
 Do not miss the mark on call to action
Most email that you send good is having some kind of call-to-action (CTA). This does not always mean that you ask your readers to always buy something, you can have a button for an article that is relevant to the content of the email you send to provide additional information about a product or service.
 Ignore Mobile
There are countless times that many read their emails from their mobile nowadays. So the email you send should be able to been read it from the mobile, except form a computer.
  Test your email again
Have you ever sent an email that has an annoying typographical error? Or did you answer unintentionally to all, while you wanted to answer only one person? You should know that checking is obviously great to help you avoid misleading mistakes as well as make marginal improvements to your email. So you should always try out the emails before sending them and check them to make sure you do not make mistakes.
  You should have a one-size-fits-all approach
Be aware that your subscribers will not be the same, so you should handle them accordingly. You should separate your contacts so that you are sure you have the right message for the right person. With this kind of information, you can make sure you do not send email to people who may not be interested.
  Inconsistency is ineffective
You should send your emails to have a specific feed so readers get to know you through the systematic email sent. So you have to create a rhythm that has your own pace, that is, it can be once a week and other ways and it is critical to keep it.

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