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With the implementation of EU regulation 2016/679 on the protection of European citizens' personal data, the .UK Registry changed its Privacy Policy in order to comply with this regulation.

Following the announcement of the .UK domain name registry, reports the application of regulation 2016/679 to the WHOIS search for domain names held by all its registrars. With this application it removes the paid service for the ID protection of each domain name owner and enables each holder, after their written accpetance to display their data in the WHOIS search for domain names. In order not to display the domain name owner's details, the registry requieres the completion of a form in which the owner of a domain name wants its data not to be displayed as it asks to provide the registry with their details and the reason why they believe that they have the right so that their data are not visible to the public when seeking WHOIS. For more information, see the .UK registry

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