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Few are the days when the implementation of the European Union Regulation (EE) 2016/679 (GDPR) is in force. Have there been any changes to protect your data?
Do you know these changes?

Your data on the Internet, in accordance with the European Union's rules on the protection of your personal data, must be protected by all entities holding them and the possession and retention of your personal data should be after your informed consent. For this reason, several domain name registers have slowly begun to change their policy towards the possession, use and maintenance of personal information.

 An example of compliance in GDPR 2016/679 can be found in the domain name registrar for the .eu domain. The register of names since the start of the new Privacy Regulation does not display the data of the natural persons who own a .eu domain name when someone is searching WHOIS for the domain name.

  The .gr domain name registry from the beginning does not display the owner and registrar data for .org domains in the WHOIS search for the purpose of protecting personal data.

 Other domain name registrars have a payable service called ID Protection that aims to hide the data of the natural person-domain domain owner. An example can easily see the well-known .com domain domain registry, which provides a small fee for the ability to respond to your WHOIS data. is looking to provide you with the best services and always the right information about domain name registration with the end result you want safely and with respect to your personal data.

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