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Email is one of the ways of communicating through the Internet. But did you know that there was a pre-existence of the Internet? Email continues to exist despite the development of social media. So email marketing is a good way of advertising.

Every day, we see several ads of either products or services, so we are going through many of them. Email marketing is a great way to advertise as long as it is done in the right way in order to stimulate the interest of the recipient. Below we will see some phases for the proper organization of the email campaign.

1st Phase
Before you create a newsletter campaign you should first have a list of recipients emails (at least one person in order to have a recipient). A great way to create this list is to request it through your website. When someone visits your website, they can sign up for your newsletter to learn the company's news. You can make visitors to sign up at your newsletter list for a discount. The email service provider you choose should constantly take action so that your email is not blocked by the largest ISPs. This is very important because you do not want the newsletter you send to go to the spam folder.

2nd Phase
By email marketing you have some expectations for your course of action but also for the results it will bring, so you set some goals. If you do your campaign well and regularly then you are likely to be successful. For the campaign to be successful, you should be consistend with sending your newsletter as recipients will be waiting and remembered. However, do not exceed the limits as each recipient has different needs and the rules for the frequency of newsletter delivery do not exist. The goal of your newsletter is to be able to build a good relationship with the reader/client rather than overtaking your newsletter. Something that could help is to make targeted actions like unique offers. Usually we send a newsletter when we want to sell a service or product, but this is not right. What we need to do is keep in touch with our customers or potential customers. In general, there must be a continuous newsletter sending, you can spend some time and create an informative newsletter that you can schedule to send on each week depending on how frequent you want your communication to be.

3rd Phase
When we make an advertising campaign we are interested in statistics, to see how effective they are and what we need to improve. All the statistics are important, but they are some that stand out. Below we will see them in detail.

  Email reading rate
The percentage of emails that are opended is what shows the interest of the recipients in your newsletter. The higher the percentage, the more positive your campaign is.

  Clickthrough rate (CTR)
With this entry, we see the clicks made on the links in our newsletter. If it's low, it means it's not targeted enough to spark interest and get the recipient to go.

  Delete contacts
Deleted contacts should be as few as possible, otherwise you will have to do enough work to build a good newsletter.

The statistics of the newsletter are very important, as with the necessary attetntion they will specifically direct you to the mistake you make to correct it. A very good method in order to be targeted and successful in our campaign is to divide the contacts. Below we will see some examples:

  List of customers according to the purchases they made.
  Product update (compared to a list of customers who made a corresponding purchase).
  Newsletter (in order to attract new customers).

With this splitting, you can target your campaign successfully.

Email marketing is a very important advertising tool for your business. If you exploit it right, you can get the desired results and promote your products or services. provides you with an easy to use and reliable app the inNewsletter in order to begin easily and simply your own email campaign.

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