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Do you have any landing pages? Do you have other domain name which have redirection to your initial domain name? We will inform you about the importance of having some of them in order to promote your company.

Nowadays, some entrepreneurs try different ways to make their presence, a fairly and reliable way is their online presence through a domain name. Surveys indicate that almost all new businesses make their presence firstly on the Internet. However, buying a domain name is quite difficult because many people now buy different domain names.

Many are the people who renew their domain name with the ultimate goal of selling them later to some interested buyers and through this wat to make easy profit.

There are a number of ways that domain names can be used as well as several ways to make them profitable. If a business or an individual has a domain name that has a lot of traffic, they can sell this domain to another person or company by making a decent profit. Because, through this way it allows the buyer to upload his own website and from the first minute of his online presence to have a large traffic without any particular effort. A fact that automatically has an impact on the new owner of the domain name, because if he has an online store he can also quickly make profit by selling his products.

Some other surveys indicate the majority of companies or organizations buy more and more domain names which are available with their logo in order to make some landing pages or redirect them to their initial page and reduce the likelihood of purchasing an available domain name from a competitor, but at the same time they cover the potential research with a different TLD in the various internet search engines. For example, if a company or an organization is involved in providing educational services (such as cram school, providing services of primary-secondary and tertiary education programs, provide of auxiliary books and other), is established on Greece, and has departments at other countries may buy domain names with different TLDs which are relevant with their services and products, such as .gr, .book, .eu, .net, .shop, .site, .store and other TLDs regarding their stores and offices which are on other countries. Through this way, different domain names are created and all of them can be linked at the company's home page and get more potential customers from all around the world.

But does it make any sense to buy a domain name and renew it? Domain name indicates the online presence of all organization and individuals. Nowadays, the majority of companies have a website with their domain name in order to cover the search at all search engines from customers. For this reason, the most profitable way to advertise and gain more audience is to find the most suitable domain name for their online presence and through this way to advertise their products and services. So, the most beneficial way for everyone is to have more than one domain name in order to make stronger their internet presence. provides all new gTLDs(generic Top Level Domain name) in order to register your domain name.

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