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A great way of marketing is to send SMS. The reason is obvious, customers are getting closer to a device that they have with them. But this is the challenge of making the best use of this marketing option in order to grow the company.

Sms marketing is a great idea in order to advertise your products or your services, but there must be the right strategy to create a proper and effective campaign. Below we will see some ways to make our campaign work efficiently.

Has a positive impact on customers when they receive a message with a discount code on a non-expected time period (e.g. discounts). It is an incentive for your clients to want to stay on your list for promotions as your company stay in their minds. This is also a motivation for potential customers to want to subscribe to your list and receive your news.

 Appointment reminders
If you have a place where customers come to an appointment, such as a hair salon or beauty salon, or any other kind of business, then it is a method that needs to be implemented as soon as possible. To neglect or forget someone's appointment is quite a common occurrence, but this for your business means losing money. Start applying this method and you will see that unannounced canceled appointments are reduced.

 Give a tip
This is a combination of sms marketing and content marketing. Content marketing is a form to let customers know you and then trust you. So you are very likely to choose your services from those of the competition. The advice given should be related to your subject, eg. a medical advice if you are a doctor

 Create a contest
We usually see multiple contests in several social media. What the user has to do is send a word or phrase to a short code and then automatically enters the draw. The sms messaging contest is a great idea as users can instantly see the messages.

 In-store sales
If you also have a natural store besides an e-shop then you can use the SMS campaign to promote products and services. For example, you can send a sms saying: " 20% discount on nail care by showing this message ". If this action attracts people then it means that your list is fully functional and can attract customers, if the opposite is done, then your list should be rechecked. provides you with the easy-to-use inSMS application to start your own SMS campaign today. Apply the above methods to win new customers as well as keep your already clients!

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