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Every year more and more people are making their purchases through internet. So, pay attention where they give their personal data and reasonably ask questions to each website owner? Which security certificate suits my needs?Which will be more trusted by my clients?

So every e-shop owner is trying to "secure" it. But how does he choose the right one. SSL certificates have three categories the Domain Validation (DV), the Organization Validation (OV) and the Extended Validation (EV). What needs to be done before each owner decides to buy an SSL, is to evaluate his needs and then take the last choice.

 78% of consumers feel confident when they see the padlock in the browser. 

Internet security for users is quite important and gives it great importance.They care about where they giving their details as well as those of their cards at the payment stage. Now consumers do not buy if the online store that they visited does not have a security certificate. Even if they have added products to their cart at the final stage, if they do not trust the website, they will leave without making the purchase. This thing for an e-shop owner is jealous. It is also most likely to turn into competition for these markets.

 62% of customers abandoned the shopping cart because they did not trust the website. 

Choose the right certificate and not the cheapest. For an e-shop the ideal certificate would be one SSL certificate from the Ectended Validation (EV) category. This does not mean, however, that a SSL certificate belonging to the Organization Validation (OV) category is not as reliable as it provides validation for both the company and the domain name. A certificate that would not be trusted enough for an e-shop would be that of Domain Validation (DV).

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