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In the World Wide Web, what is used extensively is the domain name. This domain name belongs to an individual or a company. By registering a domain name our data may be public. Do we want this to happen? Have we ever thought about it?

The security of our data is very important, we must take care where we give our data. First of all, by making a WHOIS in a domain name we can see enough data for the owner of it. Below we will see what is the domain name id protection.

Domain name id protection is the process by which the personal data of the registrar is encrypted from the WHOIS public database. WHOIS manages all the data related to domain name registration. The information given during the registration is considered to be public, in addition to the domain nameservers as well as the date of registration, renewal and expiration of each domain name. In this way by knowing a domain name is easy to search on a WHOIS searching tool and have access to all public information. However, if domain name id protection is enabled, all this information will not be available on the WHOIS searching tool. The domain name id protection includes the hiding of your name, address, phone, email and business name. Instead, a group of information such as domain nameservers as well as the date of registration, renewal and expiration are displayed. See below how someone may see the information of a domain name.

We reasonably have the question of why we need this service? Below we will see some reasons that this service is useful.

 Personal data protection
Identity theft is a common phenomenon and there are several attemps to avoid this. There are enough personal data that appear in the WHOIS process. Thus privacy protection covers the part of hiding personal information.

 Stop spam requests
By registering your personal information when posting and publishing it on completion of the process, it is easy to get your personal data various telemarketing companies. By this way, you will bombard with various emails and telepones from telemarketing companies.

 Email protection
When the domain name id protection is selected, the registrar uses a nickname or unique email address that replaces your address in the WHOIS database. This means that you will not receive spam emails.

When registering a .gr domain name, domain name id protection is necessarily turned on, other endings (not all of them) can be activated with an extra cost.

Register today a domain name through and activate the domain name id protection service!