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A quite popular content management system(CMS) for websites is WordPress, written in PHP and MySQL. WordPress users can, without editing PHP or HTML code, make changes to graphical elements. There is also the possibility of multiple themes, etc.

Below we will see some things about WordPress, such as assets and bugs..

So what are the benefits of this CMS?

 The community of WordPress is enormous enough, there are a lot of developers who make websites in order to fix themes, create plugins and create the latest version.
 Designers who deal with WordPress and create themes, graphics and icons design them so that they are compatible with mobile devices as well.
 ΕIn addition to developers and designers, there are others who create articles, videos and valuable material for help in order to solve issues which may occur in WordPress.

As you can see, you can contact someone for help.

 29% of internet websites use WordPress 

Below we will see the errors that can be presented and how they can be addressed.

 Internal Server Error
When transferring a web page from one server to another it should be checked if the correct .htaccess file is where it should be. WordPress automatically generates this file. So during transport you should pay particular attention to the proper transfer of this file. A corrupted .htaccess file can lead to internal server error, usually this is error 403 and error 404.

 Database creation error
A common WordPress error is that of creating a database. With this error your website is not loading and the message you are getting is "Error establishing a database connection". This error may come from either incorrect information (username and password), or from something more serious, such as a damaged database even inactivity of the server hosting your page. This error is processed at your request at the company that has the hosting service on your site.

 Retrieve password
A pretty common mistake is to enter the wrong password as you do not remember it. This is of course not a very important mistake, but it is something that can happen. You can select "Lost your password?" and receive the password in your email. See how it is depicted in the picture below.

 Memory error
There are quite a few memory problems that can occur when a WordPress is used. The most common is the size of the file you are trying to upload. Usually we upload photos or different graphics that exceed the default size of 2MB. Another memory error that may occur is that of a WordPress plugin that can block the entire default memory limit. This error is encountered by increasing the PHP memory limit. This can be done either by you, if you know, by your developer and as well as by your hosting provider.

As we have seen above, errors that can occur using WordPress to build your website are easily manageable. Once you choose WordPress, the next step is to select a reputable hosting provider, such as, for your WordPress website.

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