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As more and more businesses are trying to expand their reach and clientele, mass mailing is a handy communication tool. Here comes SMS marketing where it is an eco-friendly and effective way of advertising.

If there is any reason why SMS marketing has been slow to catch, while the mobile phone has been in our hands for almost twenty years, it is the wrong impression that costs in combination with the ROI are disproportionately expensive. The reality is that mobile telephony as a mean of advertising is much more economical and efficient.

All that is needed is usually a well-formed message. The rest are pretty much guaranteed. There is no fear of fragmenting the public, while returns are too high. Bulk SMS is also particularly effective where legislation is particularly rigorous and restricts other forms of bulk mailing. The recipients have agreed on their mission to a much higher rate as several studies have shown.

The main advantage, however, is that sms is very direct. It is short, it is on a screen without images, there are no unnecessary elements that can distract, it is next to our most personal messages.

The above makes the sms ideal for missions of promotions, offers and products with a specific time horizon. 45% of sms campaigns will eventually achieve over 50% ROI, this means that, with the rest of the parameters stable and especially the quality of the message, half of the campaigns will be successful.

And despite the general perception that sms is one-way communication, the numbers show a completely different picture... gives you the opportunity to try out today the inSMS service by creating a free full account with 10 sms credits for free. Learn more.