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The use of new domain names is becoming more popular. The introduction of new TLDs has created more online sites to enable more targeted web search. We have searched for and show you the most popular TLDs for 2015.

Extensions such as .xyz, .science, .win, .date, and .top appear in the starting positions of the most used TLDs throughout the year 2015. In particular, .xyz continues to rank first and form an even larger community.

Referring to TLDs identifying a geographical location, domain names such as .berlin, .london, and .amsterdam were particularly well received and held very high positions in the list of the most popular extensions, which is a representative indicator of such acceptance that they can get to know corresponding TLDs.

In addition, a very large family of internet-related TLDs are .online, .site, .click, .link and .wang (the translation of the character _ in Chinese and represents the word wesite) TLDs, used in a multitude of names because they represent conditions that are extremely common and popular with all Internet users. It has recently been calculated that the .online TLD has been used in more than 100,000,000 domain names. Check out our available offer on .online.

Finally, there could be no end-to-end extensions in the entertainment sector. TLDs such as .club and .party made their presence felt in 2015 and continue to be in very high positions in the first quarter of 2016.

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