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The 2013 year marked the beginning of a new era, with the introduction of thousands of new TLDs. This trend has been cultivated in recent years and is being promoted, with multiple benefits to the domain name industry.

The team collected the five most popular new TLDs for the first quarter of 2016.

Extensions such as .xyz and .top are still at the top positions of the most popular domain name TLDs. The .xyz suffix is the "A and Z" domain name industry, while .top is the synonym of the word "ranking", a concept that is particularly flourishing and is widely used for classifications, statistical analyzes, and contests in China.

The entertainment sector could not remain unaffected. Whether we refer to local communities, sports teams and activities, either in nightclubs and banquets, the .club extension identifies and completes more than 700,000 domain names. In the top five, there could not be the .site and .science TLDs. Their use gives them an identity in the web site, as users can see what the web site they are dealing with before they even visit it.

Top 5 new TLDs for 2016
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