Your Internet Ally

The inNewsletter application has the tools you need to create an attractive environment that will provide your newsletter recipients with a pleasant and interesting briefing. Proper use of the links in the content of the newsletter is of vital importance in order to achieve the communication goals it serves.

You should promote your website. Try to always use links to the website of the organization or business you represent. In particular, it is very important that you directly use the links to the pages that contain the information you want to contact.

Check that all the links you include are up to date and are working properly. Consider, for example, how negative a negative impression is created on the recipient when he chooses the link to be informed of all available offers and that a message can not be promoted to the content of the link. Irritation, unreliability and ultimately indifference to the product are some of the feelings that are created.

A basic prerequisite is always for the recipient not to feel the encapsulation, so do not forget to always include in the newsletter that you create a link that will allow the final recipient not to receive the newsletter if unsubscribe.

Use special fields to import buttons and images or text that will be links and will redirect the recipient to what they are looking for. All of these capabilities and more are available in the inNewsletter application.

Use the inNewsletter trial now and learn more about all the available newsletter packages.