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Turning our attention to online stores there is an increase in online attacks again them. Digital vandalism with malicious software takes place daily, causing in addition to denial of service and loss of data to their customers.

In order to better understand the significance of the attacks, it is enough to think about the procedure followed when buying any product. The customer completes his or her personal data and uses credit or debit cards to complete the transaction. These data are a target of all cybercrime because they can easily be sold on the black market. In the case that data that customers use to buy products fall into the hands of cybercriminals and are used illegally, then the e-shop owner can face damages actions both from them and from the credit card partner companies. In order to avoid such incidents, we can turn to the following:

Use a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, to provide a secure communication channel. Encryption methods using an SSL certificate establish a secure connection between visitors and an e-shop, resulting in data stored in the online store being safer and less vulnerable.

Avoid keeping financial data. Using PayPal, MasterPass, Viva Wallet, and other payment systems to accept payments by credit, debit or prepaid card, and relieving us from the burden of handling sensitive customer data associated with financial data and avoiding false transactions.

Security upgrades and updates to the used tools. Using older versions and non-maintenance of your systems generates vulnerabilities that can be easily used for malicious actions.

Daily scanning using Anti-malware security markups. Preventive control of your online store reduces the chance of malware infection and tackling the unpleasant effects it causes. offers you numerous solutions, both on SSL certificates and on security seals, to secure your online presence fast and economically.

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