Your Internet Ally

Google has decided to reinforce websites that use secure and encrypted connections through their best appearance in organic search ranking. Security is a big priority for Google since it decides from time to time and offers many services aimed at a safer internet.

In addition to the security offered in its services, it aims, in this way, to give preference to websites with digital certificates installed in the search results and aims to make the Internet access as secure as possible.
This action does not currently affect much, but in the future this may be enhanced to allow HTTP publishers to switch to HTTPS at this time, that is to install an SSL Certificate.

What does that mean?
Any web pages that have a digital certificate installed will improve their SEO, this is one of the dozens things you can do. Of course it's important because you accomplish two things in one: you improve the security of your website and get a better place in the results of the most popular search engine.

With this in mind, it is very crucial to mention the importance of using a secure and encrypted connection. A secure website is more reliable to those who visit it, but can also be identified in terms of its legitimacy to avoid phishing phenomena. Watch the video that we are talking about all about and especially how not to be cheated when you buy at online shops.

You can see the security products we provide and contact us today to let you know how you can improve your online presence and the security of your website. Below you see the announcement from Google about what we mentioned in a fairly technical presentation we would say.