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Let's Encrypt is a new certificate authority that offers the ability to secure your website for free, it automating the edition process and certification process and offering a simple and fast solution. provides with thw hosting services Let's Encrypt. offers to all its customers free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates!

When you are trying to secure your website, it requires a minimum of thirty minutes of dealing when it comes to domain validation and then varies according to the certification you want to pursue. With Let's Encrypt now, the edition process can be done within a few seconds and you are not got involve in renewing the certificate as it is automatically done, which is a pioneering issue in the SSL certification. now offers free of charge all Cloud Linux and Windows hosting services for Let's Encrypt certificates. Through the hosting service platform, cPanel and Plesk Onyx, respectively for Cloud Linux and Windows hosting, you can quickly and simply issue SSL certificates for the domains and subdomains you desire at the touch of a button!

Below we will see some information about Let's Encrypt certificates:

It is a Domain Validation certification.
It is automatically renewed every 90 days.
It is free of charge.
It is certified by IdenTrust, which means that the certificates issued are recognized by all the browsers.
Installation and renewal is done automatically through your hosting service, cPanel and Plesk Onyx.
It is supported by large-scale global companies such as facebook, shopify, etc.
The ultimate goal is to set up an Internet where the HTTPS protocol will dominate 100%!

Cost is an important factor to consider when selecting a certificate, but the final choice should be based on the needs of the website you want to ensure. The choice of Let's Encrypt is ideal when you want a simple Domain Validation SSL certificate, but it has not the financial guarantee offered by paid certificates such as RapidSSL, Comodo's Essential and GeoTrust's QuickSSL. In addition, when the goal is to certify an online store or in general an important entity like organization or company, the choice for Organization or Extended Validation is require, in order to ensure the credibility and the prestige of the wesite as the organization or the company itself is certified.

See briefly the differences between the Let's Encrypt certificate and the rest of the certificates and make the best choice for you.

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