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The inNewsletter application has the tools you need to create an attractive environment that will provide your newsletter recipients with a pleasant and interesting information. See more information about our application and try it.

Think about why you're sending your newsletter. Many times we notice the phenomenon of receiving all our newsletter with general information about the company and its products. These newsletters even if someone goes into the process of opening them with the obvious intent to read them, the result will be zero for the reader and by extension for the company, as it will not have attracted any interest for its services and its products. To avoid such phenomena, specify from the beginning the purpose for which you are sending your newsletter and what exactly you want to contact. With this in mind, you will work on building it to achieve it.

Try to make your newsletter more attractive! Even if someone chooses to "subscribe" to your newsletter does not mean that when it gets emailed it will automatically open the process and read its contents. For this reason, you should ensure that the subject of your e-mail is configured to attract interest. Rethinking questions such as "Did you learn about our new products?" and suggestions that show encouragement, such as "Offers up to 50%. Get informed today!" are an appropriate solution.

Have a directly and simply content at your newsletter. The reader of your e-mail should be able within the first few seconds to be able to understand why your newsletter has been received. The use of images and other interactive media such as videos, as well as the use of generally minimalist standards in its construction, will help you in this direction. Many times an image in combination with a simple graphic environment envelops the source of information and in the end makes the difference by causing the reader to be interested in the projected object.

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