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The effectiveness and success of a promoting energy depends on many different factors. Follow three more tips that will take off your sms campaign and make you get maximum return. In a very short time you have attracted the interest and attention of customers!

The strength of the sms message. The average of the newsletter is expected to be read by your recipients within the first 24 hours after sending the email. Instead, reading 70% of the sent SMS, it will take place within the first 60 minutes of sending! Taking advantage of this immediacy, consider how easily you can trigger interest and direct the attention of recipients in a particular direction.

Assuming that some customers have a long time to make purchases, you can send them a message informing them about the latest offers.

Make the difference. The majority of promotional messages received are about promotions, discounts, and maybe information. Get in touch with your customers and shape a relationship with them by sending them messages with greetings for birthdays, holidays and something else and take advantage of it.

The identity of the sender. The content of the message must clearly and comprehensively data corresponding to the identity of the sender so that the recipient immediately knows who sent the message, a prerequisite for establishing a trust relationship and achieving the ultimate goal of the sender.

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