Your Internet Ally

By examining the capabilities of SSL certificates we can understand the extended security through the encryption methods provided. The world of the internet has entered our everyday life, affecting it on many levels.

Unbelievable volume of data is transferred, published and promoted every second, all over the world. Understanding the idea that knowledge is a force, set off an informal battle to conquer this conveyed information in indirect and often malicious ways.

Think about how much irritation and annoyance prevails when important data is lost, or how many problems can be created when sensitive data goes to unauthorized individuals. By examining the capabilities and actions of an SSL protocol, we can understand the extent of the security provided. Below are some of these features.

Encrypt information during transmission. SSL certificates are based on the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, which creates a unique encrypted communication channel, using a unique key pair shared between the webserver and the server. In this way, the privacy of communications over the Internet is ensured.

Identify your internet identity. SSL certificates are also used for the authenticity of an entity. They are uniquely issued for a specific domain or web server and authenticated by the corresponding SSL certificate provider. When a browser connects to a server, the server sends the identification information to the browser.

Authentication creates confidence. Trust credentials depend on the trust in certification in the appropriate certification authority, which is responsible for authenticating the uniqueness of the credentials. To this end, an extensive variety of methods are used to authenticate and verify the information provided by the authorities.

Extensive protection. The combination of SSL, site vulnerability assessment and daily malware scanning provides safer online browsing, extends server security and is a further authentication of the legitimacy of your company or organization.

Better search engine ranking. As of August 2014, Google will increase the credibility of the web by adding SSL certificates to organic results, that is, providing more security. allows you to choose the SSL certificate that best meets your needs..