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E-shop of allows you to make your purchases 24 hours a day, quickly and easily, giving you many payment methods. Theses methods are either indirect or direct. The available direct payment methods enable you to make your purchase through a credit, debit or prepaid card as well as paypal.

The payment of the product takes place in the same time, without any further delays, so activation of the service is immediate.

The use of PayPal can be done either with a PayPal account or not.

A second level of security for the cards is supported by The methods of security Verify by VISA, MasterCard SecureCode and AMERICAN EXPRESS SafeKey of VISA, MasterCard and AMERICAN EXPRESS providers increase the reliability of purchases you make through our e-shop by using an additional code that only you know and is required to confirm each purchase.

All VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express and Diners Club, cards are accepted regardless of the issuing bank.

On the other hand, there is an indirect payment method, such as a bank payment. The difference is that in the case of a bank payment it takes one to two business days for the system to be updated about the payment being made and the activation of the service is done without the need for you to send us a proof of your payment or another element.

Cash Banking, Phone Banking and Web Banking (also known as e-Banking or Internet Banking) is now made with the Electronic Payment Code, which will be sent to you immediately after the completion of your order, provided you have your own account at the bank that you wish to make your payment.

In any case, you can use the Automated Cash Transaction Centers (A.C.T.C.), that is the trading machines within bank branches where you do not have to have your own bank account.

If you do not have your own account, you select the A.C.T.C., otherwise all available funds, Phone Banking or Web Banking per bank.

In a while, we will also welcome a new form of payment, the American Express MasterPass, an electronic wallet such as PayPal.

 Attention 31/01/2017: New payment methods have been added for which you can get information from the following article. 

Find out everything you need for the available payment methods.