Your Internet Ally

While the technology of sending short text messages through mobile phones had already emerged in the mid-1990s, it is still one of the most popular ways of communication today. Reasons like economy and usability, make millions of users to send thousands of messages per minute.

The marketing sector could not remain unaffected and leave unused this widespread way of communication. However, even in this case, in order to be able to make an effective promotional action, we must follow some basic principles, some of which are presented below.

Shortness, accuracy and immediacy.

It is a key factor in the success of a sms campaign. The content of a sms message can have an extension up to 160 characters. The size of the message should be limited, but at the same time intelligible and clear.

“Every Monday 50% discount on all our products! Make your purchase now!”

Many times the use of abbreviations used by youngs in everyday chating can attribute the meaning that we want to promote, but there is a lack in professionalism, seriousness and prestige.

Define and identify the target customer audience.

It is often observed that many people receive messages and offers that are not interesting for them. Choosing the right customer audience makes a decisive contribution to the success and acceptance of each sms campaign. In order to reverse this negative climate, a link between the sender and the recipient should be taken place. Example is the use of demographics as well as items related to the recipient (customer list, sales, purchase preferences). In this way, there will be a link between the target audience and the promotions.


There are two main axes that you need to move and take seriously. First of all, choosing the time in the day, as well as the day that you choose to run the campaign, is important in seeking the greatest possible response. In order to achieve the best time for shipment you will have to try different days, as well as different hours in the day. Over time and as campaigns and data grow, you'll be able to make a more effective choice.

“Get in touch now with your new proposal! The offer will be available until tomorrow!”

The use of a limited time horizon causes the buyer to base his decisions on a short-term horizon. This way of communication appears to be particularly effective.

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