Your Internet Ally's simple, flexible and cost-effective services have attributed a lot of reasons for trusting us for 6 years now. In addition, Support Plus services have been constructed to add even more reasons to this climate of confidence.

We provide you with a wide varity of capabilities and tools across all of our available services through the management platforms we offer.

The cPanel platform is available in all our products and is a high-end management solution for the end user. The exceptions are windows hosting, where the Plesk Onyx management platform is available. Fully managing e-mail accounts, adding or modifying ftp and domains accounts and refreshing database content are some examples of the possibilities offered through a large and extensive list of additional tools added by especially for you!

However, despite the fact that there is a wide range of hosting management capabilities, through management platforms, sometimes the management ability of a professional is a necessary and indisputable choice.

The complexity of the services that are available needs specialization in high technology, so even if the management tool is provided, the end user either can not make the most of its capabilities or requires additional actions that require knowledge and experience.

For a professional, saving time and simultaneously the satisfying of his needs with reliability and efficiency are parameters of vital importance.

Actions such as checking for malicious software and special changes to your hosting service php (sourcing language) require a high cognitive background for these technologies

So, in order not to overburden you, all you need to do is to trust the help and professionalism of's specialized support team, in order to solve your needs optimally, efficiently and instantly by choosing an Support Plus hosting service.

See today the support Plus hosting service that we offer and get benefit!