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The beginning is half of everything and in a digital project the beginning starts with the choice of buying a domain and web hosting. Most companies allow you to buy both domain and hosting advertising their hosting services in the same window as the domain market completes.

However, hosting is important from a practical point of view and will determine how well the project will be set up. A troubled hosting service will drive people out of our site. A trouble-free hosting will invite even more. Obviously, quality is also accompanied by the cost involved. It has a difference of hosting 10 euros a year from hosting 10 euros per month. That is why we have dealt with the most basic criteria from the least to the most important.

Alternative domain. Most companies will buy the ".gr" but they will not think that without the other endings they lose traffic (visitors). It is good for the host to give you the option to park the alternative domains (eg the same domain with a dash or spelling) underneath the base so you have your head quiet.

Back up. It sounds self-evident, but few are the ones who have lost all of their content by a mass delete or malware problem. Some hosts offer this option built into the basic hosting service in order for them to have their head quiet, others expect the customer to ask for it and charge it extra. Practice says that day-to-day backup is like tying your donkey.

All inclusive. Something like staying in a hotel. It is good not to look for towels or water in the morning. The logic is to figure out what we will need first, for example. mail number, and be included in a basic hosting service. Otherwise we have to put the hand in the pocket every so often and it will be more expensive overall., for example, offers you all the hosting services with unlimited features such as emails, domain, ftp etc and all you have to choose according to your needs is the disk space used by the quota and the monthly bandwidth.

Scale up. Websites grow or close. In the happy case that ours grows, it would be good to be able to change our hosting plan with relative ease and relative cost. On the contrary, we need to find a new provider that is not a disaster, but it is not necessary.'s hosting services are not only affordable but also extremely flexible. That is, at any time you can upgrade them if your needs grow, or degrade them from our available hosting services.

Change provider. When we decide to go from one host to another, we should be able to do it with ease and without having to be technical. This is something the good provider will ensure. The bad provider will always find technical preconditions. It is better to keep in mind this factor when looking for a hosting company, rather than seeing that we have married a provider forever.

Technical support. No system is 100% free of possible technical problems, and hosting services require security upgrades. Since the problems are in the game, they will have to be solved with a simple 24/7 email and the technicians will work on the problem before we find it. The phone is of course a bonus.

Support Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento. A good host should support all common platforms / content management systems to make our lives easier and if possible support the ability to install them in a simple procedure (at the touch of a button).

Select dedicated server. hared hosting, the most popular option, lowers costs up to 20 euros per year. That's the good news. The bad news is that the resources of the machine are shared on all the websites that use the same server and will probably affect our own performance. A dedicated server is worthwhile when we have reached the point where we can afford it. For example, with the INNOVIEW Small hosting service and 20 euros per year you can have 1500 MB Quota, 50 GB Bandwidth / month, unlimited databases, unlimited Email, cPanel easy to manage all possibilities. As for a Dedicated Server, with INNOVIEW Beginner, you can have 2 x 2 TB with unlimited Bandwidth, 32 GB RAM, and a Dedicated IP with just € 63 a month for example, but it's for cases that really need such a solution.

Ease of use. Some hosts give unlimited gigabytes with ease because their service is very cumbersome. And upside down. The service is great but the gigabyte is modest. Of the two, the least bad is the second. Typical examples are ftp access and email from the internet.

Uptime. Something similar to backups is also service uptime. That is, the availability of the service, how often there are no problems of availability on our website. A good host must have a SLA policy to ensure he compensates his clients if anything happens. You do not have to be a scientist to ask for something special, just to search for the rankings and reviews of each host.

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