Your Internet Ally

The construction of a website is now easier than ever, based on ready-made themes and systems or by using website builders, systems that do not need technical knowledge, with which we can quickly build a website.

Is this an acceptable result for a company or organization?
Here are some reasons why we can answer the question:
1. A website should meet certain requirements and be compatible with a set of design and functionality templates (UX, HTML and CSS Validators, etc.).

2. Importing texts into a ready-made system does not automatically make the result, website. 3. In cases where the site requires complicated links to other websites or systems, for example an online store needs interconnection with a special payment system, you will not be able to build such a website yourself.
4. Each website should be created by a team of experts rather than a developer, otherwise you will have an incomplete non-functional result. Typically, the team needs to be a project manager, an internet developer, and a web-based graphic designer.
5. Your website is a tool that should not be created by you or an amateur or developer alone, so you can use it properly and give the surplus value you need to your entity.

According to the above, while you have the ability to build a website yourself using systems such as Wordpress or other CMS or a website builder, giving it an amateur effect, you need to find a professional partner to help you reach the desired result to show off your company or organization.

See below the differences we have already mentioned in an intelligent way.

Πηγή infographic: visually