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The use of the newsletter is one of the most popular ways of promoting and communicating the activities of a business, in order to inform the customers and also to strengthen the relations between them. The benefits of this activity are varied.

They contribute to business growth (sales growth, new clientele), a crucial role in improving the extroversion and the quality of the company's projected image.

As every business-related factor, so the newsletter, should be treated with the same seriousness and attention. The application provided by for bulk newsletter offers a range of features that help create a high quality newsletter with no specialization and special technical knowledge. It's name, is the inNewsletter.

Create your own campaign from scratch easily and fast.
1. Start by importing and grouping contacts into lists, files, or other services, and using management features for targeted forwarding.
2. You have the ability to use ready-made templates from a wide variety.
3. The convenience of our tool enables you to drag and drop the items you want included in your newsletter easily and above all efficiently.
4. As a professional tool, the inNewsletter gives you the ability to incorporate your real-time data processing engine into your Newsletter as unwanted or malicious (spam).
5. Maintain statistics on the activity of the members of each contact list (clicks, openings)
6. Build automated campaigns based on the actions and needs of your contacts, earning time and money.
7. And if you are looking for full control, it is possible to completely configure and edit CSS and HTML code. gives you the opportunity to try out today the inNewsletter service by creating a full operational account for free Learn more.